Educational Grants Just For Women

Many private colleges and organizations have created some of the best educational grants programs just for women. They believe women were underrepresented for years on college campuses that tended to favor men and want to correct the discrimination of the past. Some organizations focus on awarding money to women who are studying fields that have fewer female employees than average, while others try to help female minorities or financially disadvantaged women pursuing a degree for the first time. Aside from these general efforts, here are some organizations that created educational grants for college specifically to help women afford a college education:

Educational Grants Just For Women

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund

This fund is sponsored by World Bank and awards over $10,000 to women from countries around the world who choose to study in the United States in order to learn how to help the communities they came from. Students must prove that they’re planning to return to their home country after they complete their time in college.

The International Federation of University Women

This organization also provides good educational grants to international women. Women from countries around the world can get money to help cover the expense of college or research projects they work on.

The American Association of University Women

This organization grants money to women who prove financial need. They’re dedicated to providing educational grants to women who are trying to change their career or increase their education, or to those who previously attended school but could not complete college for some reason.

The Jeanette Rankin Foundation

This foundation awards educational grants to women over the age of 35 who do not have the financial means to attend college or who are challenged by navigating systems of higher education.

Zonta International

This group sponsors grants for many different women. It creates programs that offer awards to women of all ages and in all areas, including the Young Women in Public Affairs Award.