Are You Eligible For Loan Forgiveness?

Can you imagine not having to pay back your student loans or being granted money by the government to pay them back? Believe it or not, it’s completely possible. There are certain situations in the best education grant programs in which a portion or even all of your student loans may be cancelled or forgiven and you won’t have to pay. There are a few different categories you can fit into in order to be qualify for loan forgiveness.

Are You Eligible For Loan Forgiveness?

The first way you can be eligible for an education grant for college is by working in a profession that is in desperate need of people who want to work in the industry. Some of the top fields right now that need more employees are nursing, teaching, and law enforcement. When looking for a nursing or teaching job, consider taking one in a rural area – teachers who work in geographic areas with shortages higher than others are more likely to get help paying off their loans. The military is another area that is always looking to recruit more people. They have several bills and programs in place to help people afford to attend college or other educational programs.

Another option you have to get education grants and loan relief is by volunteering your time. People who spend time in organizations such as Peace Corps, Volunteers in Service to America, or AmeriCorps may be eligible for aid. On top of scholarships and grants, some of these volunteer organizations will also partner with colleges to bring you other benefits including internships or school credit for your volunteer work. Successfully completing a term in these organizations may also gain you access into a lifetime program that will cover any further educational expenses you incur.

One of the last things you can resort to when it comes to paying back your loans is seeking loan forgiveness directly from the government. Only under extenuating circumstances will the government grant you money to cover all of your outstanding student loans. They are more likely to put you on a manageable payment plan rather than cancel the loan or grant you the money to pay for it.

As you enter college or embark on your career right out of college, ask yourself if you’re eligible for any of the grant options. Depending on what field you’re working in and in what location you’re working, you may be eligible for grant money to pay off your remaining student loans. You could also consider spending some of your time volunteering in order to get more aid. Either way, there are so many little-known options for helping cover educational expenses that it would be valuable for you to look into education grant information.